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Welcome to Jacobicare,


a vanguard in the mental health care industry, where the cutting edge of technology meets compassionate care. Our mission is to revolutionize psychiatric treatment by integrating innovative digital solutions like virtual reality, AI-enhanced teletherapy, and personalized care approaches. At Jacobicare, we are committed to providing exceptional mental health services that are accessible, effective, and transformative.


About Dr. Jacobs

Dr. Matt Jacobs, founder of Jacobicare, is a board-certified psychiatrist renowned for his innovative approach in integrating technology with mental health care. With credentials from VA Palo Alto and Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Jacobs has been instrumental in pioneering the use of VR/AR and AI in psychiatry. His dedication to advancing mental health treatment through technology has positioned Jacobicare at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions.

Meet Our Experts

As Jacobicare grows, so does our team of dedicated professionals. Our multidisciplinary team comprises leading psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health experts, each bringing their unique expertise and passion for innovation in mental health care. Our team members are not only experts in their field but also pioneers in integrating digital health technologies into psychiatric care.

Patient SL, CA

“Dr. Jacobs' use of virtual reality in therapy has been life-altering. His dedication to patient care is evident in every session."

Patient TJ, CA

"With Dr. Jacobs, I've found a level of comfort and understanding that has been pivotal in my healing journey."

Provider EM, CA

The JacobiCare platform is a revolution in mental health care – intuitive, efficient, and focused on patient-centered care.

Jacobicare is more than a psychiatric practice; it's a movement towards a future where technology empowers and enriches mental health care. Stay tuned as our team grows and we continue to redefine the boundaries of psychiatric treatment.

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