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Medical Management

Medication management at Jacobi Care is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program that ensures you get the medication you need to manage your mental wellness.

Dr. Jacobs is a trained psychiatrist who can initiate and adjust your medication to help manage symptoms. He also provides ongoing medication management to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

Once you're on a medication regimen that works, Dr. Jacobs offers medication refills through telehealth as long as you continue to attend your regularly scheduled follow-up appointments.

Dr. Jacobs also works closely with your primary care provider, family, school, and other systems that help you manage your mental wellness to ensure open communication and continuity of care.

What happens during a medication management consultation?

The specifics of your medication management consultation depend on whether you're a new or established patient and whether you're searching for a new medication to control your symptoms or refills for the regimen that works best for you.

During your consultation, Dr. Jacobs reviews your mental and medical health history, as well as the types of medications you take for

all conditions.

Dr. Jacobs may also ask about side effects, other symptoms you experience with your medications, and how effective they are at improving your mental wellness.

If needed, Dr. Jacobs may suggest a genetic assessment to find a more suitable medication for your mental health condition.

How can genetic assessments help my medication management?

Many mental health conditions have a genetic component. Not all medications help all people suffering from conditions such as depression. To ensure you get the most effective medication to manage your symptoms, Dr. Jacobs may suggest genetic assessments.

Your genetic assessment analyzes how your genes influence the effectiveness of your prescribed medication. The information gathered from your genetic assessment may help Dr. Jacobs find the type of medication best suited for you, as well as the correct dose.

For medication management for your mental health condition, contact Jacobi Care by phone or online today.

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